beer belly
  • Restrictive diets

    that leave you HUNGRY and DRAINED of
  • Stubborn unhealthy belly fat

    that covers your midsection...
  • Spending hours in the gym

    with LITTLE to show for it...
  • That sinking feeling

    that you may NEVER get the muscular
    physique and TONED ABS that Hot Women find irresistible...
If you can answer "yes" to any of the points above, then the
following fitness breakthrough could literally change your life!
In the next few minutes, you will discover WHY you have such a hard time
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But first, let me introduce myself: beer belly My name is Ryan White and I've been involved in the fitness industry for over two decades. In that time, I've helped THOUSANDS of people-just like you-get into INCREDIBLE shape. Over the years, I've discovered a common thread among many of my clients...something that I noticed so frequently that I decided to develop a CUSTOMIZED solution to address the issue...
THE TRUTH IS that people simply LOVE beer. I certainly enjoy it and a vast majority of my clients do as well. The problem is that beer has always been labeled a "no-no" when it comes to weight loss and dieting. I noticed that many of my clients were actually afraid to consume beer, for fear it would diminish their weight loss results.
...But here's the good news...With the help of re-known fitness research firm "Beer and Body", I have developed an accelerated weight loss and muscle building system that DESTROYS the MYTHS surrounding beer and belly fat AND gives you a detailed, step-by-step blueprint for COMPLETELY transforming your body...IN UNDER 12 WEEKS - guaranteed! And the best part is that you can continue to enjoy your favorite beers throughout your entire fat-shredding program! beer belly
beer belly
It's time to do away with the phrase "beer belly" and here's why: Contrary to popular belief, Beer is NOT the cause of that unsightly layer of fat around men's midsections (despite what many uninformed people might say...) The BRUTAL TRUTH is that when people consume TOO MUCH alcohol-in any form-they tend to consume unhealthy excess calories along with it.... What do I mean? Think about this for a minute: How many times have you had TOO MANY DRINKS and then decided to snack on chips or junk food or gone to that late-night drive-through after you went out to happy-hour or a sporting event with your friends? beer belly Why this happens: When you drink in excess, you lose your inhibitions, your body craves food and you can easily consume more calories than your body can naturally burn in a day...forcing your body to store those excess food calories in your fat cells! Protein, carbohydrates, and fat (the main ingredients in all foods) can be stored in our bodies to use for future fuel, but alcohol cannot. For this reason, alcohol takes priority over everything else in order to be metabolized and removed from the body quickly.. the effects of alcohol are widely published. The secret that some "fitness experts" seem to want to withhold is that you need to have a specific PLAN OF ACTION to get yourself into peak physical condition while maximizing the proven positive health benefits of alcohol and eliminating the unwanted calories in beer! What do I mean by PEAK physical condition?
beer belly
I'm talking about step-by-step, fool-proof instructions for building a
ROCK-HARD, SHREDDED BODY beyond your wildest dreams. I'm talking about extreme bicep development, washboard abs, a muscular toned chest and
powerful defined shoulders. A physique that proves beer is good for you! ...I'm talking about the kind of body that gorgeous babes drool over!
One of the things that I found so frustrating when I first started out in the fitness world was how SO MANY people said that I had to give up beer if I wanted to get really ripped. I don't know about you but I REALLY LOVE TO DRINK BEER! I like to crack open a cold one after a long hot day and sit back with my friends. I like to go to happy-hour at Mick's-my favorite local bar-and watch sexy Amber slowly fill a pint glass with an ice-cold lager... I like to enjoy a few longnecks while I watch the game on Sunday... But I ALSO need to stay FIT and TONED...and as a personal trainer I HAVE to maintain a very low level of body-fat if I want my clients to listen to my advice! It's VERY important that I practice what I preach... And here's the shocking truth I proved long ago: beer belly You CAN drink beer and ALSO get into OUTSTANDING SHAPE! Thousands of people all over the world are doing it every day and YOU CAN TOO! Sports science has come a long way over the past decade and we're learning more and more about the amazing health benefits of beer...and here's something really important you should know:
In simple terms, if you're being told that beer is bad for're being LIED to! It's sad, but true. You see, "weight loss, diets and fitness pills" are billion-dollar industries and many of the people in these industries have been riding on the coattails of old information for FAR too long. They need to sell you those ineffective, unhealthy supplements and ridiculous "10 minute" exercise gadgets to stay in business. In fact, there's still a L-A-R-G-E part of the scientific community that's reluctant to embrace natural medical advancement... they're stuck in the way that they've done things for so long because if they CHALLENGED these long-held ideas, they might risk upsetting the traditionalists and lose billions of dollars in marketing compensation from the large powerful pharmaceutical monopolies. Luckily for you and I there's a re-known growing community of scientists, physicians, nutritionists and trainers who truly UNDERSTAND the health benefits of beer and-even better-they know how to effectively incorporate this proven knowledge into a weight loss and muscle building system that really works! Miraculously, science has now shown that the responsible consumption of beer can actually result in a longer and healthier life for you!
SO LISTEN: Never again believe anyone who tells you that you can't drink beer and get incredibly cut BECAUSE I have countless clients who are LIVING PROOF that this is misinformed, misguided and FLAT OUT WRONG! However... Deep down, you KNOW you can't expect to lounge on the couch 24-7 while gorging on pizza and twelve-packs every night and still magically lose your "beer belly fat". That's just common sense... But there IS a solution. And it's called the Beer and Body Program. The gurus are going to HATE me for RELEASING this information because, quite frankly, it's going to FORCE them to step up their game. And that's ok with me, because the "gurus" have been robbing you blind and publishing the same old worthless rehashed info and dressing it up in a nice new package, year after year... But the only thing they are really interested in is....your wallet. The techniques I share with you in Beer and Body are GUARANTEED to change the way you look at fitness...producing amazing fat loss results faster than you ever thought possible...
Now, here's the part that I'm REALLY EXCITED about and why I sat down to write this letter in the first place: I built my Beer and Body Program to SOLVE the problem of getting lean and muscular WITHOUT being forced to give up beer. (And no, you do NOT have to starve yourself, or adhere to an impossible diet plan!) Once you start on my revolutionary program you're going to be SHOCKED at how fast you see your body quickly you'll notice yourself transforming day by day into a new, more athletic and toned version of yourself! For the first time in your life, you'll see what your body looks like when it's lean and shredded to the max. beer belly But before you begin your weight loss journey, I ask that you take a LONG HARD look in the mirror... or maybe even take a couple of pictures.... Because that person you see today won't be there for long.... My clients will tell you that the beer and body program has taken them to a new fitness level!
And regular guys are developing Hollywood actor bodies! With my program, you'll quickly notice that your muscles are becoming larger, your fat-burning metabolism has skyrocketed, and your waistline is rapidly shrinking!...WITHOUT needing $80 supplements or dangerous pills
Let me be very clear: you WILL need to work to
get your ideal body, and you must have a burning desire to improve yourself...but the results you will get are exponentially higher than the effort needed. Simply put: This diet and exercise plan gets you MAXIMUM results with a minimum amount of work (thanks to our fool-proof scientific approach)...while still allowing you to enjoy your favorite beers! This entire program is based on years of bodybuilding "insider" secrets condensed into the most powerful weight-loss techniques currently known.
beer belly
The Beer and Body Diet Program gives you EVERYTHING you need to know about metabolism, nutrition, beverages, carbs, fats, proteins, muscle development and weight loss training...all in one comprehensive manual. In fact, the accelerated body-transformation program and bonuses are equipped with over 300 action-packed pages of fat melting, muscle building information.
Here's the deal: I regularly charge competitive athletes and my elite clientele $100 an hour for my consultation and personal training sessions...which they happily pay because the results I produce are serious and long lasting (I'm not saying this to brag...I've just managed to learn what works and what doesn't in my 20+ years of working in the industry!) However, I believe that EVERYONE should have the chance to get INCREDIBLY LEAN and MUSCULAR and still enjoy here's what I've decided to do: Beer and Body is normally priced at $99, but for a VERY limited time I'm offering a special promotion. If you act NOW, you get access to everything for:

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If-for ANY reason-within 60 days you decide that this is not the most effective weight loss and muscle building program that you've encountered...the most powerful program for getting cut and strong while still being able to drink beer...then just shoot me a quick e-mail and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price.
No questions asked and no hard feelings! And you can keep the treasure trove of bonuses as my gift to you!
It's simple really... Because I know that the materials inside Beer and Body are valuable and WILL help you get into incredible shape! There is literally not one OUNCE of doubt in my mind that you will lose substantial body fat and get into the best shape of your life when you follow the instructions!
beer belly
Everything will be conveniently delivered to you digitally so you can take the book with you anywhere! $24.97 is an absolute steal for this step by step plan for building an incredible body and getting shredded in record time...the body that will make you feel 100 times more confident and attractive! In all honesty, you've probably spent much more than that for a single night out at your local bar. But for much less, you can obtain the easy to follow, all-inclusive instructions on EXACTLY what steps YOU must take to change your body AND your life forever...starting today!
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